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hotasianbabes's Journal

The Official "Hot Asian Babes" LJ Community
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Hello and welcome to the official "Hot Asian Babes" LJ community. This is for all you people who love to post pictures and photos of Asian babes or just love looking at them. It is open to all - both males and females may post pics. However, this community is friends-only so you're going to have to join in order to comment and see the good stuff.

1.) All posts must be friends only.

2.) Posts containing ANY nudity must have all photos placed behind an LJ Cut and must be clearly labeled as containing nudity. Click here to learn how to use the LJ Cut feature.

3.) All community members must be at least 18 years of age and MUST have their birthdates listed in their user info. If you are underage or have no birthday listed, you will be removed from the community.

4.) An LJ cut is required for all picture posts that exceed either 640x480 pixels in size or 250Kb in size.

5.) To make the community more interactive, members can also submit a rating on each submitted picture.

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